Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New blog format!

Ok, so I was helping Jack Sr. create a blog for himself and I totally messed mine up. My sister-in-law Jen helped me do the cute first one and tried to teach me to do it. Now it is 12:02 in the morning and I have been at this for almost 3 hours, trying to figure out how to fix it! This is the end result, may not seen like a lot, but boy have I labored over this and I think I got it right! You make it look so easy is not!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emily is 13

Happy Birthday to Emily! There is a lot to say about this girl! Over the last 15 months this girl has been through so much. She has been poked, stuck, examined, asked more than enough questions and taken more pills in one day, than any of us take in a month. Having said that SHE IS AMAZING! She is tough, strong and very smart. She is beautiful and very funny. She handles this situation with courage and strength. I am so proud of her and her ability to continue on through adversity. She calls on her Heavenly Father often and knows the importance of prayer. The interesting thing about all of this is that if you look at her, you would never know that she had anything wrong with her. She likes it that way!
Emily likes to be in the water, play cards (her new thing is Spider solitare), roller coasters, read, sleep, and cook. After her transplant, we hare having an ICE CREAM party, with every flavor possible. She loves the stuff and can't have it YET! 31 Flavors watch out!What a great day! Yesterday was Memorial Day so the family had the day off.

She had her BFF Jamie spent the night and we all went to breakfast at IHOP.
Emily was born on her Grandpa Joe's birthday. They have a special relationship. She loves him! We celebrated last night by going to his house for a BBQ. Max is her good pal. He seems to brighten her day like no one else can!
Junior High has been a great experience for Em. She has made a ton of new darling friends . Plus she is a 4.2 student! WOW! Impressive!
Emily as Dorthy for Halloween! So cute! She too like the guitar hero. Although it is Wii bowling and tennis that she is hard to beat!
We call that Emily's uniform. You can find her often hair wrapped and in her robe...the girl loves a long shower!
Emily also has a special relationship with my parents. My mom and Em are very close! Grandma is her go-to-girl when things get tough! Thanks Mom!
It is tough to be the birthday girl!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet 16!

Maddie is 16!There is so much to say about this girl, I could write a book! She is beautiful on the inside and out! She is kind and loving, very dependable, a HUGE help to me, a good big sister, fun to be around and very funny!

Maddie has a unique quality to be able to laugh at herself, which makes her easy to be around. She has a lot of very good friends and loves to spend time with them, whether it is having a weekly "Office" party or going to the movies. Maddie remembers lines to movies and quotes them at random times.
She loves her best friend and cousin Abby. Thanks heavens for texting because that helps them stay in touch not daily, but hourly :) ~ They are both going to hate this picture~

She LOVES to read and is often found with her nose in a book! Even at Coronado!
She is a great big sister.

The girl loves to rock out at Guitar Hero!
Maddie with her friend Jaime.
We love this girl and are very proud of her choice to be a good girl and a fine example. We are proud of her perfect attendance at Seminary for the 2nd year. We are proud that her cheer team chose her as Most Inspirational and we are proud that she chooses the right without much pushing from us.

Now, after saying all of that she is not perfect...she has a very messy room!!!!!! I did not want anyone to think she would be translated any time soon!
Happy Birthday! We Love you!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


What can I say about this little boy! He makes us all laugh. He is everyone's pal. He is the baby of our family, which comes with many rewards. No one ever stays mad at him, they all let him tag along and her gets whatever he wants! He is a good boy, but gets mad when someone invades his space. He likes to watch TV (or 3 TVs, one in each room, he has each one on a different channel, he is his own remote control)He is a good sport, going to doctor appointments, games and practices and never participating. He loves CARS the movie, Taco Bell, SpongeBob, playing in the backyard with Gracie, numbers (he reads the phone book) apples and go-gurt!
Happy Birthday Max! We love you!!!

Rocker Max!

Pouting Max!

Max loves his dog, Jersey!

Max caught red handed literally! He had to taste it...He said it was GOOD!

Jack Jr. - Max's favorite pal!

Privacy Please!

Mom's baby boy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Ok, so I have done another silly thing. I thought it would be fun to do a Cinco de Mayo dinner. Why not? So I made Flan! Not as easy as it sounds. It came out looking beautiful, but don't judge a book by it's cover!!!!! It was gross! It was thick and dense instead of light like custard. We each took a bite, but no more than that (actually Max spit it back on the plate)Oh well, I need to find one of my Spanish friends and ask for their recipe rather than off the internet! Maybe next year:)