Sunday, April 12, 2009


Before we get into the commercial of the Easter Holiday, I have to say that the best part of this Easter for me was today in church. The closing song of Sacrament meeting was I Know that My Redeemer Lives! It was a very powerful moment for me. I got very emotional. It confirmed again to me the great blessing of that knowledge. I am so thankful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that Christ lives and that he suffered so that I could repent and live with my family and Heavenly Father again! What a blessing!

Hoppy Easter

Yeah! Easter basket! Always the last to find hers! Darn Easter bunny hides her well!

I found an egg! Good job Gracie!

I found 2! Great job Jr!

But I am the cutest!

No I am the cutest!
Isn't it obvious who are the cutest!

Yeah they are the cutest! Happy Easter!

The Easter Eggs. We tried a new dye package, a marbling thing.

It is 11:43 at night. Thanks to my big kids the eggs got done! I forgot! opps! they saved the day.

Jack Jr is too old to do the Easter egg hunt for the little kids, so he entertained himself! Cool swing!
Max and Gracie had so much fun at our ward hunt!

April so far...

Spring break! Jack, Gracie and his friend William hand squeezed orange and grapefruit juice from our trees and sold it in front our our house one morning. They made $17 for their efforts.
Fresh squeezed juice and muffins! 1 cup and 2 muffins for a $1! Young entrepreneurs!

Max is playing t-ball! I love this age. They all hit and they all score! He was so excited to put on his Rockies uniform.
I made all of the kids get up last Saturday at 8 to go to his first game! He has supported them, now it is his turn! They did not complain at all! Good kids!
This picture explains it all! Who rules the roost?

A trip down to Aunt Tina and Uncle Steve's! We went to the park and had some lunch! So Fun to have cousins! Thanks for a fun day!
Jack Jr. and Ryan!
Gracie and Josie!
Max and Ethan! Cool boys!
All play and no work? Not in our house! We went on a 4 mile walk that day and then planted flowers! Not really hard work, more like fun work!
Good job! Right after this picture I came back to see how he was doing, to find the plant missing?!?!?! He had buried the whole thing in the earth! HAHA!
Gracie should have been a pioneer! She loves to be outside and loves to work in the dirt!

Maddie has a job! We did not see much of her during her Spring Break (which really wasn't a break) She worked 9-5! She's working at a law firm as the receptionist. Good experience for her!

McKeon Happenings for March!

Emily was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society! You have to carry above a 3.5 for 3 semesters to wear the medal at graduation! Yeah! Em! Congrats!

We had our annual St. Patrick's Day Green dinner!

I have started a new business selling Jewel Kade Jewelry! A good friend of ours in Utah, makes these amazing, fun charms and chains. It has been fun to try this. I do in-home parties and boutiques. This is how it sits all the time...on the pool table ready for sale!!
Jack Jr. is playing baseball and loving it! He plays on the Yankees at the Hart fields.
Jack Jr. also earned his arrow of light in Cub Scouts. He is now an 11 year old Scout! Congrats!