Monday, September 29, 2008

Coronado Family pictures 2008

Finally getting around to posting these! Sorry so late, you'll enjoy them anyway...I hope!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Opening Day!

BIG WIN for the Wildcats! Jack Jr.'s team beat Simi Green 22-0. Jack Sr. 's defense held strong and the victory was sweet. Jack Jr. 's #64 jersey did not come in , so he is #62 this game. He had a strong game with a huge hit. The ref came over to the side lines and told the coaches "great hit by 62, but he stood over him after the hit, that's taunting, watch that". We watched the play on film and YES it was taunting...he's a McKeon what do you expect! We took a knee at the end of the game to not score the extra points. If you go up 24 points you have to write a letter of explanation to the league as to why you beat the other team so badly. They say that was the gentleman's thing to...What? Football is not a gentleman's sport, go play golf!

We got to hold Opening day at COC, our home college field. So exciting.
Jack Sr. pointing directions!
The cheerleaders did a fantastic job. Maddie and her friend, Cindy are the coaches. I have been very impressed with their leadership.
It was 102 degrees and even hotter on the field. Miss Grace has a very funny sunburn :) Happy to see this smile, it faded as the day went on.

Gracie is the cute one on the end in this picture.
Jack Sr. very into it! I have to remind him that he has to stay off the field. He gets so excited that he crosses the coaches line.

Friday, September 5, 2008


The season begins...
Opening day tomorrow at COC! Hoooooya!
Jack Jr has come out twice tonight because he is nervous. He has a stomach ache and a headache, now he is coughing. Or is it clearing his throat? Whatever it is the poor guy has major anxiety! He will not start at center tomorrow, but he is starting on the "D" Line. Love how I know the terms? The countdown time noon!

We did a very fun thing last week. Jack and Jack Jr. were sitting down to work on their fantasy football strategies. I asked what they were doing and the next thing I know our whole family is playing fantasy football. We had a draft in which each team ( we all have a team in the Braggin' Rights League) chose their players. I got very lucky and nabbed LT (for those non-footballers) LaDanian Thomlinson (sp?) as my first pick. He is ranked as one of the best right now! Yea Grace and Sammy, the Pink Panthers! Jack has 3 of his brothers playing plus our family, that is 8 teams. I got totally into it. I studied the Sports Illustrated and took notes. Yes, I got made fun of, but I wanted to be successful! So we will see who actually wins, me me me me me me! Maybe?!