Sunday, November 9, 2008

Primary Talent Show!

McKeon's Got Talent! (kind of)

Ladies and Gentlemen...I present the McKeon kids!

Max Truman and his Sunbeam class doing the Hula. Dad couldn't figure out the camera until it was almost over. If you want to see the entire version we'd be happy to show you. Come on over!

Gracie and her CTR 7 class. At the end of this Grace is victorious! She ate the whole thing off the floor. Sacrifices to win...germs!

Jack Jr. and his Valiant 10 class. The boy has rhythm! This is a great song done by a group called InsideOut A capella. Really great sound doing church songs!

Gracie and her friends Emma and Chloe. Looks like we have dancer!

Emily was the MC of the evening. I'd have to say it was a very enjoyable evening. We had dancers, singers, gymnasts, guitar and piano soloists, and comedians. The Primary kids of the Newhall 2nd ward are amazing!