Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cruise 2010

I guess I'm an every six months kind of blogger! Oh well, better that than nothing!
So this summer we had the experience of a lifetime! When Emily was really sick, 3 years ago (yes, that was 3 years ago, I can't believe it either) we had sweet people come to interview her from the Make-a-Wish foundation. Her wish was a family vacation. We really did not hear from them after that, so we figured it wasn't going to happen.
Well, the end of April we got a call that said our time had come!
So, off to the Western Caribbean we went. They sent all 7 of us on a Royal Caribbean cruise!!!!!
It was the most wonderful, exciting, amazing trip!!
Here are some of the highlights!!

We swam with STINGRAYS!!! Who does that? It was amazing!! We were in Grand Cayman in the middle of the ocean on this magnificent sandbar. I had a moment standing there looking at my family in this most beautiful place. Wow!

Emily and Max -better known as Scuba Steve

Jack Sr. actually caught one

After 20 years we're still happy people!

What a group! We are a happy family!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ok, so it's been a while!

This is why I have not posted in a long time! FOOTBALL!!!

We began in August and ended on Dec. 5th when the
J2 Navy Wildcats beat the J2 Gold Wildcats in the GCYFL Superbowl game!

Dad (Coach McKeon) Co-head Coach with Deron White led the team to a 26-0 victory!!!!

Jack Jr. was the Offensive Lineman of the year, Jack Sr. and Coach White were the SCV coaches of the year and the J2 Navy team was the team of the year! I was the team MOM and we loved every minute spent with this team! Great boys, great parents, great fans!

What else was going on...

Maddie preparing to ditch her mother...did I say that? j/k
Preparing her essays for college applications!
Utah State ?!?!?!?!?!
Emily enjoying her life...maybe a little too much! :)

Dad doing a little light reading with our Kindergartner Max!
Mom and Dad solving the problems of the world on their new Blackberry Curves! Mom really trying to figure out the thing, while Dad serves the Lord as Bishop. For A guy who doesn't like to talk on the phone...that has sure changed!

Max and Grace the best playmates ever!
I won the Beaniest award at the Ward Chili Cook-off! That answers a lot of questions about the amount of gas going on in our home!! I guess I am to blame!!!

Grace entered the Reflections contest at school and won 4th in a group of 22 kids ages 3rd-5th grade! Water color is the medium of choice for this artist! Congrats Grace!
Halloween brought a beautiful witch, a Bumblebee transformer and an iPhone! Yes, he is the idea guy and mom the creative felt girl!