Thursday, November 10, 2011

I know! I promised!

I promised my parents who are serving a mission for our church in Africa that I would keep up on my blog. Well...I'm not great at it.
I had a few minutes tonight because
Jr is at football,
the kids have no school tomorrow so no homework,
Em is working for our neighbor helping her put her adorable twins to bed,
Jack is at a church meeting,
the laundry is done,
PTA and P.E. stuff done for the week,
Dinner cleaned up and the list goes on. I basically had nothing that needed immediate attention so here I sit!
Mom and Dad here are the last few months in pictures!!

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FishMama said...

I found you! Hey, Sam. Just wanted to say Hi. It's been forever. How fun to see pics of you and your people. I'm stunned that Maddie is already in college! Amazing. Best wishes to you and yours!