Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We are in full summer mode! "What are we going to do today?" "Nothing!!" It is awesome!
We watch movies, swim, ride bikes, hang with friends! I LOVE IT!

Hers are some pics of Summer...

Emi and Max set up a movie in the front yard on a hot night!
Look! The bulbs we planted at Spring break came up! We had some doubt since we bought the bulbs at the $1 Store.
Grace and Max - little fish!
4th of July Parade in SCV. Howard and Heather came down and spent Sunday and Monday morning with us.

Jr, Kirk and Owen
Max - taking front row as the "unofficial mayor of Cross St."
We had a little fireworks display!
Max and John running for their lives! I can hear my dad now... "that's not very safe!" :)

Maddie feeling the heat has her cast wrapped in ice packs!
NEW CAST!! After having that huge cast for 3 weeks, Maddie got a new, shorter, bright yellow cast. She is so happy to have movement in her elbow! So if all goes well she will get it off in a month.
Ok that's all for now! Better than I have done in a year! Until next time... Night!

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